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Odour Removing Carbon Filter

Odour Removing Carbon Filter


This filter offers odour removal and is suitable for use in Moisture Master systems

This filter is impregnated with carbon, giving it the benefits of odour removal. The filter is designed to be used in conjunction with our standard G4 filter to give particle filtration and odour removal. If you live downwind from a fish and chip shop or have musty smells in your roof space this filter will remove those nasty odours and help your home to become odour free.

This filter does not need to be changed at the same time as your particle filter, as long as the odour does not return the filter is working fine. When you notice the smell starting to return is the right time to replace the filter.

It is hard to state a lifespan on these filters because of a number of contributing factors but 6 – 9 months is a general guide.